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Roster of the Original unit
Taken from the official
"Historical Record of the First Regiment
Maryland Infantry"

by: Chas. Camper & J. W. Kirkley

Commisioned Officers

Colonel, John R. Kenly
Lieutenant-Colonel, Nathan T. Dushane
Major, George Chorpening
Adjutant, Frederick C. Tarr
Quartermaster, Robert A. Morris
Surgeon, Thomas E. Mitchell
Assistant Surgeon, Edward R. Baer
Chaplain, John W. Krammer

Non-Commisioned Officers

Sergeant-Major, Henry Haugh
Quartermaster Sergeant, George W. Thompson
Commissary Sergeant, Thomas Hewing
Hospital Steward, Rudolph Volprecht
Principal Musician, Louis D. Brooks


William L. Mobley
William H. Cook
J. C. D. Harris
George W. Koogle
Lewis H. Mobley
Charles E. Mobley
Thomas Norwood
David H. Mobley
Henry Brail

John C. Bolinger
Joseph Criswell
Charles F. Homerick
Joseph G. H. Kirby
William Lance
Stephen A. Moore
Frederick Kiefner
Sargent K. Stevens

Company A:

Company A was formed and mustered into the United States Service on the 10th of May, 1861. The orginal # of officers and men was 91; veterans, 25; total number, 266; killed in action, 4; mortally wounded, 1; wounded, 26; died of disease, 9; discharged for disability, 13; present at the final muster out, 58.

Captain, John C. McConnell
First Lieutenant, George W. Kugler
Second Lieutenant, David C. Huxford
First Sergeant, Philip Wehn
Second Sergeant, Thomas O. Lucas
Third Sergeant, John Adams
Fourth Sergeant, John Council
First Corporal, William Mitchell
Second Corporal, John T. Tarr
Third Corporal, Albert Tarring
Fourth Corporal, Robert Lewis
Drummer, Nelson Tress
Fifer, William Myers


John P. Axer
John Aro
Henry Botzell
John Bailey
Nathaniel Batchelor
Henry Briel
James Brown
Henry Bennett
William H. Brookhart
William Browning
Augustus Bowersock
William Birmingham
Lewis Brooks
Andrew Cook
James Cawood
James Colton
Daniel Cromer
William Drake
James Finney
James Fennell
Charles Ford
Moses Ford
Henry Glotz
Joseph Getz
William Greenfield
Thomas Griffin
Michael Gunn
A. R. Hilton
Edward Hitchings
Thomas Hamilton
Edward Hudson
Daniel Hanesworth
James Haney
Charles Holtz
Michael Holland
William H. Houseman
Columbus C. Jones
Moses Katz
John Keefe
William Kelly
Richard Kneeland
John H. Kalvelage
William H. Keene
James Lee
Alfred Longwood
Henry Mace
Thomas Martin
James McLevy
Thomas Magness
Thomas Marshall
Michael McCail
Henry Miller
Michael Mickey
David Noyes
James Owens
William Pardoe
David Phillips
George Robinson
Seth G. Reed
Alexander Shaney
Thomas E. Sands
Edward Simmons
James Stamp
James Steward
Charles Smith
Adam Sykes
John W. Taylor
August Utler
Edward Vandel
Nicholas A. Watkins
George Weaver
William Welsh
Lloyd F. Williams
George E. Wheeler
John V. Whiteford
William Waller
August Weigand
Joseph F. Walton

Men who joined after the orginal organization.

Charles B. Andrews
Enos Brewer
Jacob Brown
Daniel Barber
William Barnes
Frederick Baker
Charles Bohl
John Brannon
Charles Bishop
John A. Burrier
William Carson
William Carey
Louis Christie
John Cunningham
William Cunningham
John E. Callow
John Coleman
George R. Clark
Isaac Carson
George Carter
John Clark
Edward A. Dwyer
William E. Dwyer
William Davis
James Donovan
John Duff
John Dyer
William Dennett
John Day
Reuben Egleston
Alvin Finney
James Flood
James Flynn
George Fox
Thomas Fry
George Fisher
William H. Gambrill
Charles Gibson
Charles Gormann
William Hopkins
David R. Hoover
James Hallen
Clement Henrickle
Francis F. Haggerty
Edwin D. Holtz
Arthur Henrick
William Hohne
James B. Hudson
Frederick Hoffeldt
Henry Hause
William Harrison
William Hunt
Martin Hubbell
John Jackson
Robert L. Jones
William Johnson

James Kelly
John Kelly
John Keene
William Kohlwey
George Korman
Dennis Knight
William Krammer
John Lyons
Martin Lewis
Nicholas Lause
George W. Luzan
Augustus Labin
James McGurren
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