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The Recreated First Maryland

The First Maryland Volunteer Infantry Regiment has been an active living history group since its formation in 1972. The organization is made up of dedicated volunteers who have an interest in the history of the Civil War period and strive to accurately portray the life of the common soldier or civilians from the State of Maryland. The First is involved in living history demonstrations, authentic encampments, educational lectures, ceremonial events, and battle reenactments across the Mid-Atlantic region. The group takes part in programs regularly in national and state parks; a privilege reserved for organizations with high standards of discipline and authenticity. A wide variety of events take place every year. The First designates one event each month as a company event, at which we urge our membership to turn out.

The First Maryland Vol. Infantry Regt US/CS is a non-profit corporation in the State of Maryland. Unit drills are carried out over the winter months; at either Ft. Washington or Ft. McHenry National Parks. Campaigning in the field begins in early spring and runs through November. The unit puts out a newsletter, The Old Line Dispatch. The newsletter, along with the Marching Orders flyers are the way in which event information goes out to the membership. Members must supply their own period clothing and equipment. A large number of sources are available for both military and civilian reproduction goods.

In the field the unit lives in period pattern canvas tents, cooks over fires, uses the same type of equipment and same military drill that the Civil War soldier used. All this to authentically portray their lives. Authenticity in appearance and attitude is the watchword. There is great satisfaction in doing it right. At larger reenactments the First Maryland joins with authentic groups from other states to form a full sized regimental organization called the National Regiment of which the First is a charter member.

If you are looking for more than to simply read about your country’s history. If you want to reach out and touch the past and do honor to the memory of those that answered the call then join our ranks. We’re always looking for people to join us by the camp fires.

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